The year 2015 approaches fast – will our BISF homes be clad at last?

What is the future for our BISF (British Iron & Steel Federation) houses in Bilborough? Probably more than half of these pre-fabricated council built properties are now sold into the private sector, making them the full responsibility of their owners to maintain which is costly. Meantime council BISF homes are at the mercy of cash ‘starved’ councils. Either way the rebuilding programme once expected here has been shelved as it seems to become more and more unmanageable. However sustainability of BISF would not be a bad thing if every home had a fair chance of sustainable improvement. Exterior cladding would help insulate these very hard to heat homes and save energy leaking straight through the steel and concrete walls. There are also other types of loft insulation that could be used to line the upper rafts and allow the storage area of the loft to be warm whilst retaining the heat of the house. These measures all help the global effort we should be making to reduce climate change.


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Earlier this year, 2012, round two of the ‘Fits’ programme took place. This scheme ensured that premium payments recieved for solar powered electricity could be used to pay back the cost of the installations over a 25 year period, or less. Householder recieve the portion of solar energy they use during the day free of charge and the surplus is sold on.

Installation of solar panels onto British Iron and Steel Federation (BISF) homes seems to indicate a confident expectation for the durability of these dwellings for the life expectancy of the panels (which can exceed 25 years). Hopefully so. These homes, built mid/late 1940’s with the help of German prisoners of war, were intended to provide temporary housing in the post war crisis for up to twenty years only. The housing crisis remains and so do these accomadating houses.

However more is needed towards ensuring that these homes meet the decent homes standard. In particular the energy efficiency could be improved with exterior cladding Рas many private purchases have chosen to do. If you are one such person your feedback on the level of improvement you have experienced and any information on the type of exterior cladding you have would be of great value to help others considering  taking the same measures for home improvement.

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